Overcoming Banking and Payments challenges for Digital Asset Businesses

24th June 2020
Overcoming Banking and Payments challenges for Digital Asset Businesses

An insightful webinar session hosted by OpenPayd in collaboration with the Emerging Payments Association, where Digby Try, Head of Sales at OpenPayd was joined by Alison Donnelly, Director at fscom and David Carr, CEO at EU Prepaid as they addressed the following:

  • Why is it still difficult for crypto business to gain access to banking & payment services?
  • How can they assess alternatives to circumvent this obstacle, and find companies that offer services to high risk industries?
  • What is the current status on regulation in the UK to support businesses operating with digital assets?
  • What solutions do these businesses have in setting up fiat to crypto payment processing?
  • What are the compliance challenges companies and financial institutions face when dealing with crypto businesses?
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