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Embedded Finance: Entering the new era of financial services

96% of businesses will launch an embedded finance offering by 2026. It is estimated to be worth $7.2tr by 2030. Are you ready?

Embedded finance

The future of finance is embedded

Embedded finance allows non-financial businesses to integrate financial services directly into their products and services.

This has grown from embedded payments and embedded banking to a huge array of possibilities for businesses, allowing them to enhance their offerings in ways that would have been impossible a couple of years ago.

Embedded finance from OpenPayd

OpenPayd is one of the architects of the embedded finance revolution. With our clients, we’re delivering embedded finance projects across the world and changing the way your customers access financial services.

Embedded finance is our expertise.

What can embedded finance offer your business?

  1. streamline

    Seamless, branded payments

    Own and design the payment experience your clients deserve. No unnecessary payment screens. No redirecting your customers to a third party. 

  2. unlimited virtual accounts


    From virtual IBANs to fully-fledged bank accounts, give your customers the accounts they need. We can provide all the accounts you need - open 100,000 accounts in a day if that’s what you require.

  3. FX

    Foreign Exchange

    Accept payments, hold funds and make payouts in multiple currencies, with your customers able to hold an unlimited number of accounts. Transparent pricing from the beginning, with no hidden fees.

  4. automate reconciliation

    Open Banking

    Connect to your customer’s bank account and deliver a smooth, innovative payments experience. With their consent you can initiate payments directly from their bank account, a truly frictionless journey.

Why OpenPayd?

  1. embedded finance

    Unmatched product offering

    We offer a full suite of financial services that you can add as you need them. Get everything you need, nothing you don’t.

  2. simplified operations

    Simple integration

    Our developer-friendly API lets you get up and running with the financial services you need, with minimal tech input.

  3. increased coverage

    Full regulatory coverage

    With OpenPayd, you have all your licensing and compliance requirements covered. We handle everything.

Embedded Finance, delivered by API

OpenPayd gives you access to the embedded financial services you need, via a single API. You can expand these services as your business grows, your strategy develops or your needs change. With our extensive API documentation, you can be integrated in a few weeks.