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Banking, made invisible

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) allows you to deliver a suite of banking and payment services to your customers, via a single API.


What is Banking-as-a-Service?

BaaS has a simple promise: offer accounts, payments, foreign exchange or any other banking services to your clients, without becoming a fully licensed bank.

With OpenPayd, that’s exactly what you get. Connect to our developer-friendly API and integrate the services you need into your client-facing portal. An all-in-one experience for your customers is just one integration away.

Transform your business with BaaS

  1. unlimited virtual accounts

    Expand your offering

    Unlock additional revenue streams and increase brand stickiness, with a full suite of banking services.

  2. automate reconciliation

    Global licensing network

    Our global reach means we can support your business as you grow and expand across new markets.

  3. one powerful API

    The only API you’ll need

    Everything delivered via a single, developer-friendly API integration, regardless of how quickly you scale.

Banking-as-a-Service, the OpenPayd way

We’ve built a full suite of banking and payments services, from accounts and virtual IBANs, card acquiring and foriegn exchange.

All the services of a bank, ready to be plugged into the heart of your business.

Banking, by API

The OpenPayd API is designed with developers in mind. We require minimal tech input from your teams and can have your banking services set up in a matter of weeks. 

Want to see the nuts and bolts? You’ll find our API docs here - no surprises.