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Speak to our team at pre-booked meetings, drop-in areas and social events across Amsterdam.

OpenPayd Money2020 Europe in Amsterdam

Money 20/20 EUROPE


JUNE 6-8 2023

It’s the big one! Europe’s biggest event in finance and payments, Money 20/20! Europe’s biggest event in finance and payments, Money 20/20, is just around the corner. From the 6th to the 8th of June we’ll be on the Money20/20 floor. If you want to drop in for a chat, or you can book an appointment with our team by clicking below. 

The OpenPayd team are showing up in force this year, so if you by the booth you’ll be sure to find someone to chat to. We’ll also be at various events going on at the conference (catch our Chief Executive Iana speaking on stage), not to mention the fringe events throughout Amsterdam that week. 

We’ll see you there!

Our highlights from Money 20/20 in 2022

Looking ahead to Money 20/20 got us thinking about some of the great times we’ve had in the past. So here are a few of our highlights from last year’s Money20/20.

Iana took to the stage

The future of payments is coming into view, so what will it hold? Iana took to the stage at Money20/20 to share what she thinks the future of the industry will hold.

OpenPayd on a boat

HMS OpenPayd took to Amsterdam’s canals last year, ferrying some of our favourite people from the conference to the evening’s street party. And of course, we took this opportunity to quiz some of our guests on their highlights from the event.

What Jo wanted to know

What did last year’s Money20/20 attendees think embedded finance meant?

We weren't sure, so Jo went out and asked! Turns out, it's not an easy question. If you want to see the responses we got, you can find out here:

Daniel had some interesting things to say to Fintech Times

“I think that's the biggest hurdle embedded finance has. But funnily enough, it's actually one of the easiest to overcome."

Our Head of Product Strategy Daniel Belda caught up with the Fintech Times to share the highlights.

Watch all our highlights

Goodbye is the hardest word to say. As we wrapped up Money20/20 2022, we put together all of our favourite moments into one wrap-up video.