OpenPayd Presents: Crypto Rewired

Bringing together the world’s largest crypto firms to discuss how the crypto ecosystem is being rewired.

Crypto Rewired


The Bower - London


2022 is shaping up to be the most pivotal year for the crypto ecosystem since Bitcoin’s 2009 release. Since January, we’ve seen:

- Another crypto winter setting in, rattling asset values and shuttering high-profile projects like the Terra stablecoin.
- Governments moving to regulate aspects of the crypto ecosystem in the UK, Europe and The United States.
- And Ethereum undertook the Merge, transferring one of the biggest Layer 1 Networks to a Proof-of-Stake model.

So, with crypto at a crossroads, what will the future hold? How will a rewired crypto ecosystem look different in the years to come from what we’ve seen before?

To answer these questions, OpenPayd team is bringing together leaders from across the crypto industry to discuss the ecosystem today, its growth prospects and the outlook for the future.

Guest panellists:

Kaushik Sthankiya - Global Head of Banking and Payments at Kraken

Daniel Moczulski - Managing Director, UK at eToro

Oksana Grinchak - Managing Director, Europe at Amber

Henry Child - Head of Tokens at Bitfinex

Amanda Shoffel - Head of Regulatory Change at Bitstamp

Nick Charteris - General Manager, UK at