Whitepaper: The rise of embedded finance


Posted on 17th January 2022

Embedded Finance is arguably the biggest development in fintech for decades. In this whitepaper we explore its high levels of interest, and the reasons behind them.

Whitepaper: The rise of embedded finance design

92% of business leaders are planning on launching embedded finance within the next five years - 73% within two. Some estimates expect it to be valued at $7.2 trillion by 2030. Embedded finance is growing meteorically quickly.

So what is it? Embedded finance allows non-financial businesses to integrate financial services into their own products, without the need for any licensing or high-level developer input. Payments, banking, lending, insurance - businesses that have zero experience in finance can now offer these services within weeks.

The whitepaper delves into what’s driving embedded finance, the industry response to it, plans for the near future and potential obstacles to those plans. It also reveals how different business leaders are planning to roll out embedded finance and what that may mean. 

This is the largest independent study into embedded finance ever conducted and is a useful document for any business currently curious about embedded finance and wanting to know more about the industry’s approach towards it.