Whitepaper: Embedded payments and the reinvention of customer experiences

Payments is the front-runner of the embedded finance revolution. Our latest whitepaper explores exactly how European brands are embracing embedded payments.

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December 14 2021

The payments ecosystem is facing its greatest ever test. Consumers now expect their retail experiences to be seamless. They want the way they pay to keep pace with everything else in their digital lives. 

So what does the way forward look like? How are European companies embedding payments into their product offerings? And what are they looking for from the platforms they partner with? In our latest whitepaper, we take a deep dive into embedded payments, the front-runners in the embedded finance revolution. You can read your copy of the report here:

Embedded payments is a subset of embedded finance, enabling any company to seamlessly integrate payment services into their customer journeys. It’s creating new opportunities for any company to build better frictionless digital experiences for customers, add convenient payment methods and offer customised financing solutions.

One of the most prominent examples of early embedded payments is Open Banking Payment Initiation (OBPI). OBPI works by letting consumers connect their bank accounts to third-party vendors and organisations, in order to authorise payments. The concept is simple, but its impact on the customer experience is significant – In 2018 alone, Open Banking generated 7.3 billion USD in global revenue and is expected to reach 43.2 billion USD by 2026.

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