Whitepaper: Crypto’s embedded finance future

Cryptocurrencies and investments are more popular than ever. So what’s holding them back from even wider adoption?

Crypto’s embedded finance future whitepaper page

December 22 2021

The biggest barrier to wider adoption of digital assets isn’t the ecosystem itself. It’s bridging the gulf between the crypto and fiat worlds.

So how can the crypto industry bridge the gap? Embedded Finance. Download our latest whitepaper to see how companies are crossing this divide:

Building this bridge will transform the relationship between crypto and fiat currencies. Providing a reliable, low-cost way to make transfers between these two worlds. 

This is the promise of Embedded Finance. A world where anyone building disruptive products in the blockchain and crypto space can simply plug-and-play a fully-functional banking platform. And do so, without fighting with traditional banks for acceptance and approval of their product.