A year and a half at OpenPayd's Product Team


Posted on 30th June 2021

After going live with the MVP, I’ve been entrusted with a number of additional Product areas for the business including CRM (Salesforce), Data & Reporting, and Open Banking.

A year and a half at OpenPayd's

A core belief I hold is the importance of growth in all areas of one’s life. When the opportunity to join OpenPayd first arose I was looking for a challenge where I could grow personally and professionally, whilst making a measurable impact. I’m glad to share that’s precisely what has happened.

After one and a half years at OpenPayd, I’ve taken the time to reflect on the journey and just how far both I and the business have come.

Through collaboration, trust, and lots of hard work, I’m fortunate to have played a key role in taking the OpenPayd platform live (and enhancing it ever since). It was by far one of the largest projects I have worked on and the exposure to a wide arrange of stakeholders has been invaluable for both my personal and professional development. With a deep appreciation for learning and an insatiable appetite for detail, I soaked up all the opportunities for growth with the clear outcome of delivering value to our clients.

After going live with the MVP, I’ve been entrusted with a number of additional Product areas for the business including CRM (Salesforce), Data & Reporting, and Open Banking. The autonomy, responsibility, and trust that the OpenPayd leadership team placed in me has been a mutually rewarding experience. Best of all, I get to regularly interact with our clients to ensure that OpenPayd is building features that solve real-world problems across a number of industry verticals. Being able to directly meet the needs of our clients and their customers is the most gratifying aspect of working here.

I also love working with people, it absolutely juices me. None of the great work we’ve accomplished in the past one and a half years would have been possible without OpenPayd’s globally dispersed team. Despite the significant impact and challenges of COVID in 2020, I can speak for all the Product Owners when I say that we’ve not slowed down at all! Despite COVID, I’ve been fortunate to be able to continue this journey in the comfort of my own home without, crucially, losing touch with our multi-cultural team. I’ve had the privilege to learn from the executive and technical teams whilst directly supporting the realisation of the company’s mission, to unlock banking for our clients.

In summary, I can honestly say that the best part of my journey with OpenPayd has been the people. Working within an Agile environment, I enjoy the collaboration of a great team. The culture at OpenPayd means that no matter how busy things get, there’s always the support to help tackle whatever challenge lies ahead. I’ve been able to fully utilise my MBA and Business Analyst skill sets, whilst learning new things from my colleagues and our clients every day. I’ve then been able to take these insights and make a measurable difference in a number of areas across the business and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future.


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