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FinTech Branding & Design - My Journey at OpenPayd.

All we had at the time was a name and a logo. Everything else was up to me. From a Brand Designer's perspective, it was a golden egg!

Embedded Finance

What is Embedded Finance?

Embedded Finance is the use of Banking-as-a-Service and API-driven banking and payments services to integrate financial services within other environments and ecosystems.

Embedded Finance

What is Banking-as-a-Service?

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) describes an ecosystem in which licensed financial institutions provide access to their services to non-banking businesses, generally through the use of APIs.


Looking ahead: Our Future of Work policy

At OpenPayd we've devised a Future of Work policy, allowing employees to work from home, the office, and spend 60 days working overseas.

Open Banking

Open Banking: Payment Initiation Services

Payment Initiation is an Open Banking-enabled method for online payments. When using a Payment Initiation Service, consumers give consent for a third party PISP to make a connection to their bank account.

Open Banking

Open Banking: Account Information Services

AISPs are at the heart of the Open Banking landscape, and many of the first wave of Open Banking-enabled products and services rely entirely on Account Information Services.


Ozan Özerk | Founder

OpenPayd was founded by Ozan Özerk in 2015 to democratise international payments and banking and thus empower businesses to grow.


Testing strategies for fintech software: A QA Engineer's perspective

Financial technology (fintech) software will always be in scrupulous need of quality assurance in order to help launch bug-free and highly competitive products.


A year and a half at OpenPayd's Product Team

After going live with the MVP, I’ve been entrusted with a number of additional Product areas for the business including CRM (Salesforce), Data & Reporting, and Open Banking.


5 ways CFOs can streamline their global financial operations

An improved business FX strategy can be the best gift a CFO can give themselves. Ending a reliance on a traditional banking partner for cross border payments and FX processes is easier than you think.


Hidden FX charges: how do you find them and what can you do about them?

From accessing the mid-market rate available on the wholesale FX markets to multi currency-accounts, business FX issues can be fixed.

Embedded Finance

What are virtual IBANs?

A virtual IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a virtual account reference number allocated by a banking or payments provider to provide local payment.


Top Tips For Working From Home

From routines to communication, we’ve outlined some ideas below and included some activities to keep you fit and healthy in mind, body and soul.


My Journey at OpenPayd

Together with other DevOps Engineers, we ensured an impressive uptime of the applications and supported the launch of OpenPayd’s new banking platform.


Celebrating my 2 years at OpenPayd – Embrace the Journey

I recently marked my second anniversary at OpenPayd. For the first few months, I prepared test scenarios for our native apps and web project (mostly for API and UI).


My lockdown escape: how has flexible working changed my life

The OpenPayd team has shown a tremendous degree of flexibility. I'll be taking advantage of the new flexible working policy, allowing staff to work abroad for 60 days each year.