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Embedded Finance for the digital economy

Build, upgrade, and grow with easy access to an entire financial ecosystem. Accounts, FX, domestic and international payments, acquiring, open banking, and more - all delivered through a single, developer-first API.


OpenPayd can help you

Whatever you want to achieve, OpenPayd's modular, API-first approach makes it simple.

  1. Build


    Create new and exciting customer experiences by embedding financial services within your products. Your customers never need to leave your ecosystem again.

  2. Upgrade


    Improve customer-facing and back-office operations with seamless integrations with your existing systems. Move all your services to OpenPayd and enjoy market-leading rates, coverage, technology, and support.

  3. Grow


    Scale at speed by accessing local payment rails, unrivalled FX management, an extensive network of global licences, and much more.

A full banking and payments ecosystem through a single API

OpenPayd's simple, developer-first API delivers Banking-as-a-Service with a modular architecture. Build a banking and payments service that grows and changes as you do.

  1. Accounts

    Hold, receive, and send money in multiple currencies with unlimited virtual accounts.

  2. FX

    Convert funds across 100+ currencies through API-enabled FX with spot pricing and instant settlement.

  3. Payments

    Make and receive payments locally or internationally with access to OpenPayd's global banking network.

  4. Acquiring

    Accept card payments quickly and easily with a simple, developer-first integration.

  5. Open Banking

    Account Information and Payment Initiation Services for building intuitive user experiences.

 “OpenPayd is enabling us to innovate ahead of demand, embedding new financial services products into our offering, and transforming personal finance and wealth management for our customers.”

Cyrus Fazel - Founder at SwissBorg

Built for developers

Our intuitive, fully-documented REST API is designed, built, and maintained by developers, for developers. Go live in a matter of days with our simple integration and access to industry-leading support. Want to explore first? Get instant access to our sandbox environment.

Looking for more banking and payment services?

OpenPayd’s banking-as-a-service API allows you to intergate one or many financial products through a single connection. See our other available products below...

  1. Embedded Finance

    Embedded Finance

    Global businesses use OpenPayd's platform to embed financial services within their existing products and ecosystems.

  2. FX & Remittance

    FX & Remittance

    Run your entire FX operation through OpenPayd's suite of cutting-edge currency management tools, including deep automation and API-enabled spot pricing.

  3. Marketplaces & platforms

    Marketplaces & platforms

    Build your marketplace on a solid foundation, with the truly modern banking and payments platform from OpenPayd.

  4. Digital assets

    Digital assets

    We understand crypto. Supercharge your digital asset business with access to an entire ecosystem of crypto-first banking and payments services.

Get in touch for rapid access to our development sandbox, or to talk through your requirements with an industry-leading expert.