Access Local And International Payment Methods.

OpenPayd provides access to domestic and global payment networks to help your business make and receive local and cross-border payments.


OpenPayd’s platform enables business to make and receive international payments using SEPA, SWIFT and ACH.

A single integration gives your business access to international payment methods. You can make payments immediately or schedule them for a date in the future.


OpenPayd’s platform enables businesses to make and receive domestic UK payments using BACS, CHAPS and Faster Payments.

Through a single integration, your business can gain access to a range of domestic payment methods. You can make payments immediately or schedule them for a selected date in the future.

Simplify Paying In And Out
Of Business Accounts.

OpenPayd accounts enable you to collect, convert and settle payments in the name of your business.

You can get quick access to local and international payments networks. Accounts are easy to set up and there is no limit to the number you can open. You can make and receive payments after funding an account and access our banking services.

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Why Choose OpenPayd?

OpenPayd has been established to provide innovative businesses with access to banking and payment solutions that work for them and their customers.

Our technology is designed to make integration as seamless as possible, so you can start expanding into new markets quickly.

Gain Easy Access To Banking And Payment Solutions.

Access payment accounts, payments and FX solutions through a single integration.

Option to add card processing gateway solutions as and when required.
Our modern and intuitive platform enables rapid onboarding and fast payment processing.

Connect To A
Global Network Of Financial Licences.

Expand your business’s international reach through our global banking network.
Transparent, pay-as-you grow fee structures and contract terms that work for you.
Our global network of licences includes coverage in the UK, Malta, Turkey, Canada and 44 US states.

Scale Our Solutions To Grow With Your Business.

Select any combination of solutions to meet your requirements.
Our named virtual IBANs enable businesses to manage ever-growing client bases and easily keep track of payments in and out.
Our robust technology is designed to support you in your business growth.

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