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Switch to pay-by-bank, powered by Open Banking, and increase conversion, reduce costs and keep users in your ecosystem.


Open Banking is the payment method on everyone’s lips. Now, through OpenPayd, you can access this new payment technology, fully integrated into your broader banking infrastructure.


We partner with underlying Open Banking providers to bring you a full suite of Open Banking services, combined with our real-time payment rails, virtual accounts and multi-currency functionality.

Better customer experience

For higher payment completion rates

Fewer clicks go a long way. Simplify your payments journey and put an end to entering card information.

Initiate payments in seconds

And receive user payments in real time

Forget 2-day settlement. Once a payment is initiated via Open Banking, our real-time payment rails will have it in your corporate account fast.

Cheaper, faster payments

Right across your business

Cut the fees associated with traditional payment methods and reduce operational overhead with automated reconciliation.

Open Banking, at your fingertips

Deliver for your customers
Deliver for your customers
Access an unmatched pool of financial institutions across the UK and Europe with our Open Banking providers. Harness their network to transform payments for your users.
One integration is all you need
One integration is all you need
Embed Open Banking alongside the full suite of payment and banking services we offer through our API. One integration with one provider for all your payment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our Experts

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is a fast-growing payment method that lets users initiate real-time payments from their banking app. You’ve probably already seen a “Pay-by-Bank” option when making a purchase or topping up an account – now you can access the same functionality through OpenPayd.

What does Open Banking offer my users?

Our clients that have been trialing a Pay-by-Bank option have seen shorter payment processes and therefore higher completion rates. It’s a simple addition to your checkout or top-up journey that can have a big impact on your user experience.

How do I access Open Banking via OpenPayd?

If you’re interested in using payment initiation via Open Banking, the first step will be to get in touch with our team using the form below, to understand your payment needs. 

In the meantime, we have more information on integrating with our API here in our documentation. You can also explore how to set up the additional API calls here

How can I test the Open Banking functionality?

We have upgraded our sandbox environment to let you test both UK and Euro Open Banking. All you need to do is set up a sandbox account, then let our team know that you would like to start using this functionality and we can enable it for your sandbox account. 

Once enabled, “Instant Bank Transfer” will be available to test under the sandbox Payments tab.


OpenPayd's simple, developer-first API delivers Banking-as-a-Service with a modular architecture. Build a banking and payments service that grows and changes as you do.

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