Managing fraud risk at OpenPayd

Like every financial institution, our team is working to fight cybercrime and keep our clients and their end customers as secure as possible.

Below are a few common questions about fraud that we wanted to provide answers to:

I’ve been contacted by OpenPayd, how do I know this is legitimate? 

Sometimes fraudsters will impersonate OpenPayd in order to commit crimes. These fraudsters are using OpenPayd’s name and/or logo to approach consumers about making investments in cryptocurrencies, paying for ‘payment insurance’ and/or demanding fake tax payments. We take this matter extremely seriously and are committed to protecting consumers from these scams. Please be aware that OpenPayd does not contact consumers especially through unsolicited calls, emails, or Whatsapp messages.

Additionally, OpenPayd does not provide consumers with financial documents. Any materials claiming to be from us are likely fraudulent and/or infected with malicious software.

If you are a consumer and are contacted by someone claiming to be from OpenPayd, please do not share any personal information or financial details. 

How do I know a communication from OpenPayd is legitimate?

Legitimate communications from OpenPayd will come from our official email address (

We urge you to exercise caution and verify a sender’s identity before responding to any communication that is claiming to be from OpenPayd.