Ecommerce: collect, convert and send money globally

Instantly open multi-currency collection accounts with associated IBANs to recieve payments, convert currencies at wholesale rates and send funds to any bank account.

OpenPayd offers a flexible solution for ecommerce merchants to open currency accounts in EUR, GBP, CAD, CZK, HRK, HUF and RON. Remove the need to open bank accounts in every market you enter and access the accounts you need through a single platform.

How can we help?

Ecommerce Merchants

Launch in new markets

Easily launch your business in new markets without needing to set up a local bank account.

Ecommerce Merchants

Improve your margins

Save up to 80% on FX fees when collecting revenue overseas and increase your business margins.

Ecommerce Merchants

Send and receive payments

Collect funds from payment gateways or ecommerce platforms and pay suppliers globally.

Ecommerce Merchants

Streamline operations

View all of your accounts in one place and reduce the costs and resources needed to manage multiple banking relationships.

Ecommerce Merchants

Reconcile all transactions

Download account statements detailing your payments and conversions and keep track of all transactions for easy reconcilliation. 

Ecommerce Merchants

Access to payment rails

Access to SWIFT, SEPA, Faster Payments, ACH, CHAPS and BACS - everything you need to manage your payment flows.

Streamline your global financial operations

Everything you need to operate in cross-border:

Collect - open accounts with unique IBANs for each currency you want to accept

Convert - access wholesale FX rates to convert currencies

Send - send funds to your bank account or use them to pay suppliers globally

Tip: We encourage all ecommerce merchants to look into how much they're paying in hidden FX fees. By comparing your bought currency amount to the equivalent trade at the mid-market rate (at the same time), the difference equals your total fees. The gateway or platform may not always be transparent with this information.

Pay suppliers around the world in their own currency

Send payments in 45+ currencies via SWIFT, Faster Payments, SEPA, ACH, BACS and CHAPS. 

Tip: Ask your suppliers to charge in their local currency and save money on the spread that is normally added to cover FX fees. Not only will your suppliers be pleased but you can pay without the risk of unneccesary fees. 

Looking for a new payment gateway?

In addition to our solution for ecommerce merchants, OpenPayd offers the ability to accept card payments online from around the globe with our easy to integrate API. Click here to learn more.

Tip: By connecting our accounts to any payment gateway or OpenPayd's own solution, ecommerce merchants can save money on unneccesary FX fees. 

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