Merchant Acquirers.

An innovative platform supporting acquirer payments to individual merchants.
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Merchant Acquirers

Simplify Pay-Outs.

Assign a dedicated virtual IBAN to every merchant to make pay-outs fast and reliable to simplify reconciliation.

Merchant Acquirers

Integrate Seamlessly.

Embed the OpenPayd platform within your existing technology to access all of your banking and payment requirements.

Merchant Acquirers

Automate Processes.

Eliminate laborious data capturing and manual uploading of batch files. Payments can be triggered through an API call.

How It Works.

OpenPayd’s banking and payment solutions help merchant acquirers segregate payments, streamline processes, and save time and money. Our proprietary technology enables businesses to automatically trigger payments through an API call and allocate named virtual IBANs to merchants for easier reconciliation.

Merchant Acquirers

Scenario One.

Merchant acquirer becomes part of the OpenPayd ecosystem and can allocate virtual IBANs to merchants to facilitate pay-outs.

Scenario Two.

Merchants are part of the OpenPayd ecosystem and acquirers can process payments instantly.

Merchant Acquirer

Merchant Acquirers

Improve Efficiency.

Trigger specific payments through API calls to remove the need for laborious manual processes.

Merchant Acquirers

Assign IBANs.

Each merchant can be allocated a virtual IBAN which merchant acquirers can make payments into.

Merchant Acquirers

Segregate Customers.

Make payments to individual merchants quickly and easily and fulfil different commercial arrangements.

Merchant Acquirers

Automate Pay-Outs.

Businesses can automate pay-outs through their existing technology or systems and improve reliability.

Merchant Acquirers

Shorten Timescales.

Receive funds from payment schemes directly into your OpenPayd account and automate pay-outs to merchants through virtual IBANs.

Merchant Acquirers

Track Payments.

Our platform stores all payment data so you can download account statements and keep track of all transactions.

Local payments for
international expansion.

Partnering with OpenPayd enables merchant acquirers to expand internationally by accessing a range of payment networks local to your requirements. Make payments using networks including BACS, CHAPS, SEPA Instant, SWIFT, Faster Payments and ACH.

Wholesale FX rates and
instant transfers.

Our platform enables the exchange of currencies at competitive wholesale FX rates. We can also help acquirers add their merchants to the OpenPayd ecosystem to allow for instant internal transfers.

Flexible payments to
meet your requirements.

As well as enabling customers to make individual payments using an API call, our platform allows for bulk payments, depending on your specific requirements. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor solutions to fit within your existing business model.

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