Working at OpenPayd for 5+ years: stories from ‘The Originals’

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Posted on September 29, 2022
Working at OpenPayd for 5+ years: stories from ‘The Originals’
We spoke to some of our longest serving employees about their journey at OpenPayd and what’s changed along the way.
OpenPayd Editorial Team
OpenPayd Editorial Team
September 29, 2022

Employee churn is a challenge for most industries. A recent report suggests that in fintech, this is increasing, with a desire for more flexible working and the opportunity for increased pay being two of the key drivers.

We spoke to six of our colleagues who know OpenPayd best, each having been here for over 5 years or more. They discuss what’s changed, advice they would give to anyone starting at OpenPayd and what they will do with the 12-week sabbatical they’ve now qualified for!

When you started at OpenPayd did you think you would be celebrating five years with the company?

Cuma (Lead Engineer): Being totally honest, no, I didn’t plan to stay for this long. But the company’s values (friendship, a commitment to a certain type of work, respecting employees etc.) have kept me here.

Daniel (Operations Executive): I like to think I am an optimistic person so I did have high hopes that the role would be for the long term. It was my first role in London so my focus at the start was to integrate successfully in the role and work as hard as I could. I’m very happy to have been here so long and hope to continue!

Cristina (Corporate Due Diligence Analyst): No definitely not, but does life ever work like that? When I moved from Italy to Malta, I did not expect to build a life on this island. Yet here I am after eight years, having bought a house, settled down and had a child. The same applied for OpenPayd, I was working in hospitality before and never thought that my future was in Financial Services, or that OpenPayd would become my second home.

What’s changed in the last five years?

Kinga (Head of Talent): We’ve matured – as a product, as a business and as a team as well. Each year that came seemed like a challenge worth taking and an opportunity to grow professionally, with just enough challenges to keep my brain stretching and try my skills in different scenarios. It has been great fun.

Wayne (Senior Financial Crime Analyst): When I joined the company was pretty bare bones. It has now grown into a successful and exciting project to be involved in!

Osman (Software Development Manager): …Everything?

What’s stayed the same?

Daniel: I’d say the desire to improve as a business and to collaborate as a collective to achieve success. The incentive to reward successes and to recognise that having fun at work, and outside of it, is important for health and stability has also remained at our core.

Wayne: The ambition, definitely. Particularly from the Founder and the top team.

Kinga: We always placed high value on hiring great people who would be passionate about the fintech world. With that in mind we have built and maintained great culture and team spirit & always stayed people focused.

How has your work changed in the last five years?

Cuma: I’ve been able to develop my skills and gain experience – so much so that I now lead others.

Cristina: I joined as Office Manager in the Maltese office before moving to the Financial Crime division within the Compliance Department. I currently carry out Due Diligence on new prospects. During my tenure I have learnt a lot about the industry in every position I have covered!

Osman: I’ve been promoted to Software Development Manager and have gone from managing 12-15 people to almost 40.

Now that you’ve qualified for a 12-week sabbatical, what do you think you’ll use it for?

Wayne: I am eagerly waiting for the moment space travel becomes inclusive and ready for the public – then, cheerio!

Cristina: One of the things on my bucket list is the pilgrims’ route to Santiago de Compostela. Who knows, maybe I will use the 12 weeks to have this experience with my family!

Kinga: I am definitely looking to make use of the policy next year but for now I just returned from Poland where I worked remotely over a couple of months, making use of OpenPayd’s 60-day remote work policy. It was a great opportunity to stay with my parents for the summer as I have not spent that much time in my home country for the past seven years.

What advice would you give fellow employees who are just starting out at OpenPayd?

Osman: There are great opportunities at OpenPayd. If you work hard and don’t shy away from your responsibilities, you’ll get to where you want to be.

Daniel: Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get to know as many people as you can – we have such a diverse and talented group of people. Try to involve yourself in work and social activities to network internally and within the industry.

Wayne: Relax, it will all fall into place. Also, never believe a word I say.

What is something that OpenPayd brought to you that is not necessarily connected to your career? (friends, memories, etc.)

Cuma: I’ve built my most valuable friendships at OpenPayd. I have no doubt they’ll last long after I leave.

Daniel: I have met a lot of people, experienced a different way of living and working and had some amazing memories including playing a gig in the Shard for the social committee, go-karting, white-water rafting, also having a French outfit for secret Santa and recently going to Glastonbury with a couple of colleagues.

Wayne: Thanks to OpenPayd giving us health benefits, I made the effort to get more active. Today, I feel like that was one of the most important decisions I have made in my life.

What has been your highlight from the last 5 years?

Cristina: 2021 was an exhausting and amazing year at the same time. I changed career, learnt how to balance out family and work, moved to a new house and got my ICA advanced certificate in AML. What an intense and fulfilling year!

Kinga: I really appreciated the support I received while studying for CIPD Level 7. I was able to take time away to study and the training allowance provided by OpenPayd was not something all employers offered in the past.

Wayne: Although many moments have been great, meeting the team in Bulgaria stands out as a highlight.

Some wonderful insight from the OpenPayd originals there. As well as the 12 week sabbatical, employees that have been with us for over five years are also entitled to five extra days holiday and access to enhanced parental leave.

We look forward to chatting to everyone again for the 10+ year article.