What is it like working at a scale-up?

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Posted on February 1, 2022
What is it like working at a scale-up?
Read what working at a fintech scale-up has been like for three employees from different departments, including how it differs from previous workplaces.
OpenPayd Editorial Team
OpenPayd Editorial Team
February 1, 2022

At OpenPayd, we’re at a unique point in our journey. It’s scale-up time, those teenage years when startups make the leap from being a small, young company finding its product-market fit, to an established, multinational business.

So what’s it like for the people behind this transition? We decided to ask a few of our employees to find out. We spoke to three employees, some who have been with us since the early days, others for just a few months. These include Office Manager Lisa, Head of Customer Success Shahrukh (Shah) and Financial Crime Analyst Cristina.

Here’s what they had to say about what it’s like working for a scale-up:

How has your work changed since you started?

Shah: I started working for OpenPayd as a Key Account Manager, managing a portfolio of high-profile clients and then eventually worked my way up to building and managing my own team of Customer Success Managers. I am now responsible for managing the entire book of existing and new OpenPayd clients.

Cristina: It’s been a big change for me. I began as the Office Manager here in the Malta office. When I wanted to try something different, OpenPayd helped me move into compliance. I now work in the financial crime team, so it’s been quite the journey over the last 4 years – I’ve loved it!

And how has the company changed?

Shah: The company and our product offering have evolved through the years to keep on top of competition and the ever-changing payments landscape, from a change in regulatory obligations to a change in customers banking requirements.

Lisa: The office has become busier due to the gradual return of employees – it’s great to see people coming back into the office!

Cristina: Oh wow so much. When I started we were only a few dozen employees split across three offices. What’s changed most since those early days is we’ve really established our identity. It fully feels like we are the same brand, just in different locations. It makes you feel really connected to something that’s growing.

What’s the most exciting thing about working for OpenPayd right now?

Shah: We have some very exciting plans in the roadmap for 2022 and a lot of customers in the pipeline to serve.

Lisa: There are so many wonderful things about working for OpenPayd. My favourites are probably the flexibility of my role and hours. I have children and OpenPayd enabled me to fit my hours around childcare, which has helped me enormously. I also love the company culture and enjoy working with everyone.

Cristina: The vision – 100%. What we want to achieve is massive, and it’s been amazing to be part of its development over time.

How is OpenPayd different from your last workplace?

Shah: Prior to OpenPayd I worked for a corporate bank for 5 years. OpenPayd is of course very different, we are a scale up, our individual contributions have a direct impact on the success of the business. We are a community of people with different skill sets working together to achieve a common vision.

Cristina: I was working in hospitality so there are lots of differences, but what really sets OpenPayd apart is the mindset. It’s a young team and the best word to describe them is open. Open to change, open to new ideas. That wasn’t the case where I used to work.

Lisa: A big difference for me is I’ve been able to go from a part-time role to a near full-time role due to OpenPayd’s flexibility. Not all companies would be so accommodating.

If you could describe working at OpenPayd today in one word, what would it be?

Shah: Dynamic.

Lisa: Connected.

Cristina: Passionate.

To whom would you recommend joining a scale-up?

Shah: Someone who is open to a challenge, a problem solver.

Cristina: Believers. It’s not always the most stable of environments, you’ve got to believe in the project – but that’s what makes it exciting!

Who do you think should not be joining a scale-up?

Shah: Someone who is set in their ways and not open to change. A scale-up requires trying new ideas, failing, and then trying again. Perseverance is key.

Cristina: If you’re looking for a quiet life – to turn up, get your paycheck and go – this life isn’t for you.

Complete the sentence: You will enjoy working in a scale-up if you are looking for…

Shah: An environment where you will learn various skills outside your remit.

Cristina: Fulfilment