Meet Neil Delaney, our new Head of Revenue Operations

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Posted on March 21, 2024
Meet Neil Delaney, our new Head of Revenue Operations
Tennis, campervanning, fintech - our new Head of Revenue Ops Neil has many hidden (and not-so-hidden) talents.
OpenPayd Editorial Team
OpenPayd Editorial Team
March 21, 2024

If you’re looking to hear from someone with fintech running through their veins, you’ve come to the right place. Neil Delaney, our new Head of Revenue Operations, has spent years scaling fintech businesses. Now, he’s made his home at OpenPayd.

We sat down with Neil to get the inside scope on where he’s been, what he’s planning, and what he does when he’s not doing fintech.

So Neil, what has your journey looked like that’s led you to OpenPayd?

ND: “I’ve been in payments for over 20 years. My first role in the industry was with a company called PayPoint, offering network and acquiring services in the UK. Since then, I’ve worked across the payments and fintech landscape, including Contis, which went on to be acquired by Solaris Bank, and most recently as Managing Director of Carta Worldwide. 

“Every role I’ve had, I’ve been focused on creating that growth within a sales/commercial environment. So I’ve always had that commercial thread running throughout my career.”

What was it about finance that interests you in the first place?

ND: “Good question. I think for me, I remember looking around and feeling that, from a career point of view and an opportunities point of view, that the landscape was changing fast in payments. This was when we were first moving to contactless payments and I just felt it was an industry that was changing fast and would evolve over time – that would bring lots of opportunities to learn and to play a part in that journey. 

“Finance also felt aspirational. It was very dynamic, so I wasn’t going to spend my career treading water. There were always new products emerging – that’s what has really interested me through the years; you’re forever learning and you never understand it all.”

And outside work, how do you stay busy?

ND: “I live in the North-west, in a beautiful coastal town – it’s a part of a nature reserve so you’ve got beaches and woods all on your doorstep. I’ve always commuted down to London and then spent the weekends at home so that split suits me well. 

“I like to spend time outdoors in the Lake District; it’s just one and a half hours away so we can go up and down in a day. I’ve got a camper van which we imported from Japan so we spend a lot of time in that because you can just stay overnight. My other hobby is tennis, which I’ll play on the weekends.”

Finally, and perhaps the most important question: What was it that appealed about OpenPayd?

ND: “I think what suits me best is working in companies that are flat on a structural level, where everybody has a collaborative approach and everybody’s pulling in the same direction.

“When I was looking at OpenPayd, I also saw a lot of synergies there between where the company is today and the companies I’ve joined in the past. I’ve been on that journey of growing a company, reaching profitability and from there, really being able to build out the business.

“Then, when I was talking to the leadership team, we clicked straight away because I’ve been through that journey and understand the pain points of that journey. For me, this was the most exciting part of joining OpenPayd, because it’s a chance to be part of that journey again.”