Live, Laugh, Learn: The Secret Sauce Behind The OpenPayd Team Supercharging Their Careers

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Posted on January 17, 2024
Live, Laugh, Learn: The Secret Sauce Behind The OpenPayd Team Supercharging Their Careers
How using one Learning and Development perk may have changed the lives of two OpenPayders. Spoiler alert: it didn’t grant them superpowers. But they learned A LOT along the way.
OpenPayd Editorial Team
OpenPayd Editorial Team
January 17, 2024

The OpenPayd team don’t sit still. We’re always looking for ways to upskill. That’s why every member of the team has a chance to supercharge their skills and knowledge through their personal Learning and Development (L&D) budget. It’s not just about work; it’s about creating opportunities for personal growth that keep our team not just productive but also genuinely happy and motivated.

Our commitment to continuous learning isn’t just a checkbox, it’s a part of our culture. We firmly believe that a team armed with knowledge is the key to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the embedded finance industry.

Moreover, this focus on self-development isn’t just about climbing the career ladder; it’s about creating a vibrant and motivated work environment where every day is a chance to grow both professionally and personally.

Recently, two OpenPayd team members, Cristina, Corporate Due Diligence Analyst, who decided to learn more about Anti-Money Laundering and Mihaela, Compliance Operations Manager, who wanted to learn more about English Law, shared their experiences and insights gained from using their learning allowance.

What motivated you to enrol in the course?

Cristina: In AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Compliance, we have to always stay up-to-date and continuous learning is the key to a successful career. That’s why I decided to learn more about AML and delve into the nitty-gritty of it all.

Mihaela: I work in the Compliance team and one of our responsibilities as a team is to make sure we have knowledge of the legal systems in every country we operate in. That’s why I enroled in this course to gain knowledge of English law and broaden my legal expertise.

Can you share some key takeaways or lessons you learned from the course?

C: The course exposed me to the fundamentals of business models and how to apply AML investigation to them. It also gave me a great overview of all the major regulations we deal with, across the EU, UK and US. Additionally, I gained a great understanding of the international sanction regime and the Compliance function in general.

M: The English law system combines the passing of legislation but also the creation of precedents through case law – in that respect, it’s very different to Bulgarian law.

How did you manage your time and stay motivated throughout the course? What advice would you give to someone who is working full-time and considering taking a course in the future?

C: I am not the best person to answer that! (laughs). It just comes natural to me – juggling family, home, work and studying, all at the same time! Probably the only answer is that when you really want something, you find a way and the motivation then follows.

M: I managed my time by strictly dedicating specific hours to the course, after-work hours or during weekends. I stayed motivated by reminding myself that the course is a great chance for me to challenge myself and broaden my knowledge. My advice to people considering signing up for a course is “Always step out of your comfort zone, the path may be difficult, but the result is satisfying and in the end you will feel proud of yourself that you did it.”

How did the course impact your understanding of the subject matter?

C: Many of the topics treated in the ACAMS course are a part of my day-to-day at work. I like courses that are not only academic but can be applied in practice.

M: I not only oversaw the theoretical side of English law but also put it into practice by learning how to negotiate and resolve more complex cases.

Were there any particularly challenging aspects of the course for you?

C: Well, the exam was particularly difficult. It was a test-based exam and some questions were designed to trick you.

M: One challenging aspect was understanding the differences in the legal systems between Bulgaria and the UK and applying certain aspects in practice that are absent in the Bulgarian legal system.

How are you going to apply the knowledge and skills you gained from the course in your day-to-day work and future career?

C: The course had loads of daily use cases that I can apply in my current position, but it will also come handy in the future when it will come to making decisions related to managing risks.

M: Having a Master’s degree in Bulgarian law, I think gaining additional knowledge in English law was very useful to me. From a compliance perspective, it was valuable for me to better understand different segments of English law and compare them with compliance, especially trust law.

Can you share a specific “aha” moment or breakthrough you experienced during the course?

C: While studying, I was exploring the bank regulations, these do not apply to us because we are an EMI, not a bank, however they are really important in understanding our relationship with the banking partners. I was like; “Aha! So this is why our policies and our risk appetite are tailored that way!”

M: When I started writing my assignments, I tried to follow a specific structure, delving into the entire English legal system, and more specifically, the intricate legal terminology. It was very interesting but challenging to remember initially. However, over time, it became more and more fascinating.

Has this course sparked any new interests or passions for you that you didn’t have before?

C: i-Gaming and Casinos are ones of the business models I touched and investigated on the possible AML scenarios. I wouldn’t dislike in the future to work for this industry.

M: It definitely sparked my interest in English commercial law and I am considering signing up for the second part of this course which goes into specifics of English commercial law.


In the grand tapestry of OpenPayd, each thread of learning contributes to the collective strength of our team. Hopefully Cristina’s and Mihaela’s stories have inspired you to embark on your own quests of growth and development at work and beyond.

As we invest in upskilling our team, we empower them to deliver superior services to our clients and build innovative fintech solutions. In a world where knowledge is power, we want our team to be the driving force of innovation and excellence in fintech.

Ready to join us on this journey? Explore more about our team on the About Us page or discover exciting career opportunities on our Careers page.