Getting promoted at OpenPayd (and beyond)

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Posted on June 21, 2022
Getting promoted at OpenPayd (and beyond)
We spoke to some of our recently promoted team members about their progression at OpenPayd, and the tips they’d offer to people in any line of work!
OpenPayd Editorial Team
OpenPayd Editorial Team
June 21, 2022

Congratulations, you’ve got the job! Wahoo! So, you’re never going to leave, right? You want to do this forever, RIGHT?!

No matter how attractive a job is, not many people want to be bound to a single role.

At OpenPayd we have a clear path to progression for our team members. But then, every business says this, so we thought we’d take you through how promotion works and then leave it to our employees to share their experiences.

Careers at OpenPayd

Firstly, because we’re a fintech scale-up, there’s plenty of room for career growth, because the entire business is growing quickly. This means the opportunities to climb the ladder into senior positions may come up at a faster rate than in an enterprise level business.

Then there are certain things we consider to ensure that promotions are fair and regular! Some of these include:

  • Is the candidate consistently achieving their goals or perhaps even outperforming them?

  • Does their behaviour reflect our values? Are they a team player who always has company growth in mind?

  • Are they willing to take extra responsibilities and go the extra mile?

  • Do they have a growth mindset – always looking to learn more and expand professionally?

As long as a team member is showing these behaviours, we don’t hesitate to promote where we can – we have promoted 18 people over the last 12 months.

There is always a pathway to build a career in fintech with jobs at OpenPayd. We offer employees a training allowance to help them develop their skills and knowledge base, as well as free access to a learning platform and a ‘lunch and learn’ on a regular basis. Regardless of the department you work in, we are committed to helping you develop in the direction you want.

Below Ken (Customer Success), Jo (Customer Success), Sophie (People) and Petar (Ops/Compliance) have shared their experiences in progressing into new roles at OpenPayd, and what advice they’d give to others (as well as their own younger self!).

So team, how has your day-to-day work changed since you first joined OpenPayd?

Ken: OpenPayd has grown a lot in the past three years and my role has grown with it. I have more responsibilities and work closely with more departments. The best part is I have a lot more face-to-face time with my clients!

Sophie: Initially my main responsibilities were implementing and improving internal people processes, getting the basics in place. Now, as we scale, I have more people to support. The scope of my role and the projects we are working on in the People Team are very exciting. We continuously build new initiatives to help create a culture and working environment where people are happy and can succeed.

Petar: I’ve moved from the Corporate Review Team to the Corporate Due Diligence team and am now Compliance Operations Manager. My current role combines elements of both previous positions and allows me to focus on improving processes in a more overarching way.

Jo: No client is the same, so it’s mainly been about expanding my knowledge of different industries and learning which approach works best for different clients. I now have a much larger portfolio and more responsibilities!

What do you think the secret is to getting promoted at OpenPayd, and is it something you apply to your everyday life?

Ken: Nothing groundbreaking here but – hard work! You work hard at OpenPayd and it never goes unnoticed.

Sophie: I don’t think there’s a secret really, it’s just up to you to drive your career where you want it to be. I think it definitely applies to life as well.

Petar: I think a positive attitude definitely helps (though that doesn’t mean never challenging anything). Focus on doing high quality work and improving your skill set. Having a supportive team around you is also really important and you definitely have that at OpenPayd.

Jo: OpenPayd gives you the autonomy to implement your own ideas and run your own projects, so as long as you have ideas, you’ll be encouraged to succeed!

What is the achievement you’re most proud of at OpenPayd?

Ken: Growing my portfolio and contributing towards company goals!

Sophie: I think the People Team did a great job of bringing everyone together during the pandemic and making sure we didn’t lose our sense of identity as a business.It was a struggle at times as none of us knew what was happening or how long it would last, but we kept going and adapted – all while making sure our people’s wellbeing was at the centre of everything we did.

Petar: Seeing people around me having improved their knowledge base and skillset, and knowing that I have contributed towards that by little things like answering questions and providing training, is something I’m proud of.

Jo: I’ve learnt a lot in a fairly short amount of time and had the chance to work with a multitude of businesses from a variety of industries. Establishing those relationships has been great.

What advice would you give to your 18 year-old self?

Ken: Stay in uni and don’t mess around too much!

Sophie: I chose to leave university at 18 and I’d say to myself, try not to worry too much! Being 18 is great – have fun and try new things!

Petar: Do the hard work, especially when you don’t feel like it.

Jo: Focus on you. Comparing yourself to other people and their successes doesn’t help you succeed faster. It’s time you could be using to get you to where you want to be!

Some varied and informative answers there! I’d personally tell my 18 year-old self that attempting the 2012 David Beckham haircut will not be well-received.

If you’re considering a career at OpenPayd you can see our list of vacancies here and submit your CV for future consideration if your perfect role isn’t currently available.