Banking, made invisible

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) allows you to deliver a suite of banking and payment services to your customers, via a single API.


BaaS has a simple promise:
Offer accounts, payments, foreign exchange or any other banking services to your clients, without becoming a fully licensed bank.

With OpenPayd’s platform, that’s exactly what you get. Connect to our developer-friendly API and integrate the services you need into your client-facing portal. An all-in-one experience for your customers is just one integration away.

Expand your offering

Access new services, fast

Unlock additional revenue streams and increase brand stickiness, with a full suite of banking services.

Global licensing network

Regulated wherever you need

Our global reach means we can support your business as you grow and expand across new markets.

The only API you’ll need

Ready whenever you are

Everything delivered via a single, developer-friendly API integration, regardless of how quickly you scale.

Your new Banking-as-a-Service platform

Your new Banking-as-a-Service platform

We’ve built a full suite of banking and payments services, from accounts and virtual IBANs, card acquiring and foreign exchange.

All the services of a bank, ready to be plugged into the heart of your business.

Banking, by API

Banking, by API

The OpenPayd API is designed with developers in mind. Start exploring our tech in minutes and have your banking services set up in a matter of weeks.

Want to see the nuts and bolts? You’ll find our API docs here – no surprises.


OpenPayd's simple, developer-first API delivers Banking-as-a-Service with a modular architecture. Build a banking and payments service that grows and changes as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our Experts

What is the BaaS Model?

BaaS is designed to give companies access to the exact financial services they need, without having to build the service themselves. It’s a different model to accessing financial services: Unlike traditional banking products, BaaS services are accessed by API and are integrated directly into a company’s user-facing portal or back-end systems.

How does Banking-as-a-Service work?

Every BaaS service relies on API calls, to send and receive messages between a business’s internal systems and the BaaS platform. This 2-way infrastructure allows businesses to build more complex digital products, services and data flows, by integrating financial services.

What are the benefits of Banking-as-a-Service?

BaaS has a number of benefits: It lets businesses solve some of the most painful operational challenges they face, especially around issues like payment reconciliation. Fixing these processes in turn delivers a better, smoother user experience. It also lets businesses build deeper, stickier relationships with their customers – using financial services as a new set of touchpoints to keep users within their product ecosystem.

What is the difference between Embedded Finance vs BaaS?

This is a common question we get. At OpenPayd, we think about “Embedded Finance” as the user-facing service that a business delivers – the account that’s issued in a user’s name, or the pay-in information that’s unique to them. BaaS is the business model that makes this possible. It’s the technology, the licensing and the product development, all delivered via an API, that lets companies embed financial services.

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