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Interested in helping us disrupt the corporate banking and payments solutions industry?

How We Help

We believe that in order to make a positive change in the world beyond our organisation, it is essential that we have the right team members.

The fintech sector is often complicated but it needn’t be. As a business, we strive to simplify access to banking and payments solutions, and that comes through in the way that we work.

We’re a close-knit bunch who focus on challenging one another to think a little differently. We work towards creating a common understanding that resonates both internally and externally.

Above anything else, we are passionate about what we do.

To develop any business requires hard work from within. Every person at OpenPayd understands this. You will not find a more supportive team to work with.

We are always on the lookout for self-starters with a healthy curiosity and ambition to learn every day. To make a positive change requires a positive attitude, so if you have a shiny, happy disposition, check out our vacancies and, if you see something you like the sound of, apply now!

If nothing looks suitable but you’re still interested in joining the team, then do please send your CV to our Hiring Team on [email protected].


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Our Values.

We help businesses access banking and payment solutions that enable them to thrive. As such, OpenPayd is made up of a team of experts who understand the challenges that businesses face and the barriers to their success.

Ours is a place where people can make their mark - where everyone’s expected to contribute to our successes. We recognise every individual and celebrate achievements, no matter how big or small. Importantly, we support one another when things get tough.

What we do is far from simple, but by working together, we aim to simplify solutions for our clients and each other.

As a team of passionate individuals, we are always seeking new and improved ways of working. By taking a positive approach, we ensure that we do things the right way.

Ultimately, we strive to build a legacy that helps businesses to thrive around the world.

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Your Mark.
We seize every opportunity

We empower ourselves to take action

We don’t shy away – our ideas matter

We step forward and discover the unknown
We are the experts

We find solutions

We care about quality

We strive to do our best

We own our mistakes
Find A
Better Way.
The Journey.
We celebrate the everyday wins

We accept the challenges as they come

We persevere and believe in the journey even when it's tough

We enjoy what we do
We respect each other's point of view

We champion and learn from each other

We hold ourselves and others accountable

We don't avoid tough conversations

We practice win-win
We Do
What's Right.
We act with integrity
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