Embed the financial services you need to power your growth.
Build new products, streamline your operations and manage payments globally, with our Banking-as-a-Service infrastructure.

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Embedded financial services for the digital economy

OpenPayd's API-driven banking and payments technology makes it simple to build and scale financial services in the digital age.

Your vision, our technology

Your vision, our technology

Embed accounts and payments wherever they’re needed in your product environment. Whatever your building, our tech will give you the functionality you need.

Regulatory coverage on a global scale

Regulatory coverage on a global scale

Offer the services your customers need, where they need them, with our global licensing and regulatory coverage underpinning every payment you make.

Streamline your back office operations

Streamline your back office operations

Payment reconciliation giving your operations team a headache? Show them you care, with virtual IBANs that reconcile every payment automatically.

Switch banking from cost centre to revenue generator

Switch banking from cost centre to revenue generator

Your next revenue line could be closer than you realise, with the FX and banking services your customers didn’t know they needed.

The future of finance is embedded

Digital businesses deserve better banking and payments. Too many are still trying to build modern user experiences on top of decades-old infrastructure. We knew there must be a better way.

At OpenPayd, we are building embedded finance and Banking-as-a-Service infrastructure that powers business growth. With our financial services infrastructure, innovative companies are building new products, streamlining their operations and managing their payments on a global scale.


Harness our global payments network

Domestic. International. Real-time. Whatever you need, we have the European payments infrastructure your business needs.


Every account in one place

Manage all your company and customer account balances with one powerful account infrastructure that’s built for scale.

Treasury and Foreign Exchange

Move and manage every currency

Unrivalled foreign exchange management is at your fingertips. Take control of your business’s treasury and forex exposure with one solution.

Every payment.
One dashboard

Manage any payment, in any currency, through the OpenPayd online portal.

Track incoming payments, initiate payouts and make FX transfers across every account, all in one place.

Named IBANs across multiple currencies

Issue unlimited virtual IBANs for your users or business payments, so you can manage every incoming and outgoing payment without the reconciliation pain.

Transparent FX rates

Every foreign exchange payment you make through the OpenPayd platform has one up-front rate, giving you complete clarity of what you’re paying for.

Payment Rails

Built for developers...

Our intuitive, fully-documented REST API is designed, built, and maintained by developers, for developers. Go live in a matter of days with our simple integration and access to industry-leading support. Want to explore first? Get instant access to our sandbox environment.



Our sandbox is a testing environment where you can see how to use our API to create accounts, manage transactions, make payments and more.



We don’t believe in surprises. All our integration documentation, guides and API reference information are available in one place.

curl --location --request POST ' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic base64(username:password)' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
"access_token": "eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsInR5c...",
"token_type": "bearer",
"expires_in": 899,
"scope": "test",
"accountHolderId": "570de05f-2517-4b5e-aa2c-b8abacf13d00",
"clientId": "015c8655-c5ad-4c05-9146-d232792acc36",
"referralId": "e42e06db-f40c-48d0-8d69-4dd194027541",
"accountHolders": {
"570de05f-2517-4b5e-aa2c-b9abacf13d00": {
	"accountHolderDisplayName": "Test Business",
	"id": "570de05f-2517-4b5e-aa2c-b9abacf13d00",
	"accountHolderType": "BUSINESS",
	"accountHolderStatus": "ACTIVE",
	"referralId": "e42e06db-f40c-48d0-8d69-4dd19b027541"
"accountHolderStatus": "ACTIVE",
"clientTenantId": "b300b9ee-41c2-4ce3-86b6-4678e7fb6fee",
"authorities": [
"jti": "2891e435-8920-4466-865f-573e4a929cee",
"accountHolderType": "BUSINESS"

...By leading experts in tech

At OpenPayd, we are a diverse team of over 150 experts from all over the world. But every OpenPayder has joined for the same reason: to build a better payments experience for our clients and their customers.

Global licencing for global businesses

We are building a global licence network, designed to support our clients (and their customers) wherever they are doing business.

“OpenPayd is enabling us to innovate ahead of demand, embedding new financial services products into our offering, and transforming personal finance and wealth management for our customers.”

Cyrus Fazel - Founder at SwissBorg

“OpenPayd's unique API-driven infrastructure will help our teams continue to shape the future of payments, automating time-consuming processes, delivering improved operational efficiency and an even better service for our customers.”

Rupert Lee-Browne - CEO at Caxton

“We chose to work with OpenPayd because of its ability to help us access SEPA real-time payment rails and the speed of integration its API enables. This collaboration forms part of our continued efforts to provide a premium customer service experience to our growing user base.”

Paolo Ardoino - CTO at Bitfinex

€40bn+ Annual Volume
400+ Clients
99.99% Platform Uptime
2m+ Connected IBANs
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